Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in Mount Pleasant

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle in Mount Pleasant

Recycling is a process that allows us to maintain a stable relationship with the surrounding environment. It aids in preserving lots of natural land and bodies of water, as well as the animals that inhabit these areas. It is imperative that we make an effort to reuse the materials utilized in manufactured goods. Therefore, the City of Mount Pleasant, encourages recycling as a useful preservation method for the beautiful territories within our borders.

Items to Recycle

At this time, The City of Mount Pleasant does not accept glass, plastic bottles or scrap metal as recycled goods. However, most paper products and aluminum cans are welcomed, as long as the lids are cleaned and removed. Recycling these products ensures that these materials have the potential for new life, as well as reduces the amount of trash in the environment. Without waste accumulating in the environment, areas can exist in their natural, undisturbed state. This allows for the avoidance of a threat towards animals and humans alike.

DO recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Food and beverage boxes
  • Junk mail
  • Magazines
  • Other paper products
  • Phone books
Recycle in Mount Pleasant

Take Notice

When it is time for you to collect your trash around the house, take notice to what the materials are made of, since a number of these products have the potential to be reused. As some of these products are left in the environment, they break down chemically and cause potential harm to the environment. The damages include a reduction in the quality of air and water, as well as the threat of significantly harming species that interact with the trash. It is essential for individuals of all ages to be aware of the impact that pollution and a lack of recycling have on the environment.

Recycle in Mount Pleasant

Getting into a routine of recycling allows for continued respect for the area that surrounds you. Making an effort to go green ensures that we are closer to maintaining a safe, habitable world. With concerns of climate change caused by greenhouse emissions, the need for a change is evident. Would you like to do your part? Hop into a hybrid vehicle from Everett Toyota and drive down to the recycling center, today!

The recycling facility in The City of Mount Pleasant is located at 500 North Washington Avenue. Call 903-575-4000 for more information.