Toyota Steps Up Its Fuel Efficiency

Toyota hybrid with lights on during midday
Toyota is proving that efficiency isn’t just for vehicles. It’s for billboards, too. Toyota has created an eco-friendly advertising campaign for its highly efficient Toyota Mirai. The company knows that people who are interested in the Mirai care a great deal about air quality. After all, the Mirai only emits... [read more]

Take a Scenic Drive in Texas

Misty summer mountain hills landscape.
You don’t have time to take a vacation, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to see some beautiful sights. See the sights without cashing in your vacation time by taking a scenic drive. You have lots of great options right here in Texas. Check out a few of the... [read more]

Give Back to the Community with These Volunteer Opportunities

Group of volunteers feeding children
You love the Mt. Pleasant community, and you want to give back. You can do just that by taking advantage of a volunteer opportunity. From helping animals to feeding the hungry, you can find the opportunity that works best with your personality and schedule. Then, you’ll be ready to dive... [read more]

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Mt. Pleasant

Mexican background for Cinco de Mayo
Every May 5th, people have a big party to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Many people think that Cinco de Mayo is a celebration in honor of Mexico’s Independence Day, but that’s not actually true. Take a minute to find out the real reason you celebrate every year. It just might... [read more]

Top Things You Need to Do Before Starting College

Starting College Mt. Pleasant
If you are preparing for college, then you know how important it is to be fully aware of what to expect. College is a lot more complicated than high school was. You will have to buy your own books and materials, get supplies for your dorm, and make sure you... [read more]

Relax and Study for Your Exams at Jo’s Coffee Shop

Student friends studying at coffee shop
Exams are stressful. You have to cram as much information into your head as possible, and it is hard to stay focused. You might think you need to hide in a room alone to concentrate, but that actually makes you more stressed, which inhibits your ability to focus. Instead, take... [read more]

Visit Sweet Shop USA to Stock Up on Chocolate and More

You don’t have to travel the world in search of the best chocolate. You just have to go to Sweet Shop USA in Mt. Pleasant. This sweet shop is famous for its sweet treats, including handmade chocolates. It isn’t just famous in the Mt. Pleasant area, either. It has received... [read more]

Plan on Spending a Day at Efurd Orchards

Old wooden crate packed full with fresh market produce and vegetables
Winter has finally given way to spring, which means that Efurd Orchards is open for business once again. It closes in November and reopens in April, just in time to serve up fresh fruit and more under the sunshine. This orchard is a popular place to visit in Texas. It... [read more]

Drive to The Farmer’s Wife in Mt. Pleasant for Fresh Foods

Farmer's Market
Get all of your fresh produce and food when you come by The Farmer's Wife in Mt. Pleasant! It is always a good idea to eat healthy foods. Start purchasing the items you need from a local farmer's market. Buying locally helps the farmers in the area thrive and continue growing... [read more]