Join Us for Pancakes For A Cause!

Join Us for Pancakes For A Cause!

If you’re looking for a great cause to join, then come out to Jo’s Downtown and show your support on February 11th!

Pancakes for a Cause

Join Us for Pancakes For A Cause!

On Saturday, February 11th, we’ll be having Pancakes for a Cause at Jo’s Downtown! All proceeds will go to Eden Waldon. Plates begin at $5 for a child and $7 for an adult. We will have plenty of toppings so you can be adventurous if you want!

The Cause: Eden Waldon

Eden Waldon is the 2 and a half year old daughter of Darin and Amanda Waldon from Mt. Pleasant. Eden was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip, causing her to have a trach in order to breathe.
On November 28, 2016, Eden had a planned surgical procedure to remove her trach in Cincinatti, Ohio.

After spending weeks in the hospital, she came home, only to have an unexpected stroke which put her back in the hospital. She has been transferred back to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital due to breathing and airway complications. Furthermore, doctors have diagnosed her with a rare condition called Moyamoya syndrome causing near complete blockage in her internal carotid arteries going to her brain which has caused a second mild stroke. In the coming weeks, she will have 2 brain surgeries to improve blood flow to her brain and another minor airway surgery to improve her breathing.

If you need a means to get to this event, Everett Toyota has you covered!