Hidden Gems in Texas You’ll Want to Visit at Least Once

Hidden Gems

Texas is one of the biggest states and along with that, it holds a lot of interesting places to see and explore throughout its vast landscapes. It holds mysterious sights along with historical areas that are all worth taking a road trip to see. Find out which interesting places are for you and start exploring your state today.

Marvel at Marfa’s Mystery Lights

Marfa, Texas holds a very peculiar sight o see. IT is known for the mysterious lights that appear above it every night. You can only see them from a certain location, but everyone that tries to see them succeeds. The source of these lights is unknown, which makes visiting this town to find them so much more interesting.

John Wayne’s Head

If you go visit Lubbock, Texas you will find a 13-ton boulder carved into the shape of John Wayne’s head. This may seem a little strange and not worth the visit, but think about it. There isn’t much more Texas than John Wayne’s head carved into a boulder.

Gorman Falls

This secluded little waterfall is located right in the heart of Colorado Bend State Park in hill country. This gorgeous hike is only about a mile and a half up some sticky terrain, but finding the oasis in the middle of Texas makes the hike well worth it.

Kayaking Medina River

This beautiful river is full of life and views that make it so well worth the kayaking trip. It is green throughout the entire trip and makes for a relaxing time on the water. There isn’t a single spot on the river that has rapids, so no worries on falling out.

Find These Hidden Gems in Texas!

Don’t miss out on taking a trip to see these Texas hidden gems. Become a true Texan and get to know your state. On your way to these locations be sure to stop by Everett Toyota for all your vehicle needs and concerns.