See The Doo Wop Project At Whatley Center For The Performing Arts

Doo Wop Project

You love the hits of today, but you wonder what they would sound like with a doo-wop spin. You can find out by getting tickets for The Doo Wop Project. The group is coming to the Whatley Center for Performing Arts on March 29. Tickets are $30 for adults and $10 for students. Grab your tickets so you can see the group that everyone is talking about these days.

What Is The Doo Wop Project?

The Doo Wop Project consists of five guys who spend most of their time performing on Broadway. This band has been around since 2012. When it formed, the guys thought they would do around 40 shows a year. Now, they do between 80 and 100. That’s how popular they’ve become.

This is basically their side project, but you wouldn’t know it when you see them perform. For a side project, they sure take it seriously and provide an entertaining experience for their fans.

The group focuses on what it calls “modern classics.” These pop songs stand up to the test of time and sound great with doo-wop harmonies.

The band’s been known to tackle songs by Jason Mraz, Amy Winehouse, and Michael Jackson. In addition, the band sings some Motown classics that are sure to get you on your feet.

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Coming up with Harmonies

The band’s process is really interesting. They find a song they like and start singing the melody line. Then, they add the doo-wop harmonies in, fine-tune it, and perform it for audiences. This old-school approach leads to authentic-sounding doo-wop music. They follow the same process that the groups of the past did, and it shines through in their music.

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