Should You Buy a New, Used, or Certified Used Toyota?

Used Toyota

When you start looking for your next car to drive around Mount Pleasant, you will have to decide whether you want a new, used, or certified pre-owned model. You can find a Toyota that fits into any of these categories, and each has its own set of advantages. To figure out which type of Toyota is right for your particular situation, consider the following factors.


The very first thing to think about when choosing among a new, used, or certified used Toyota is your budget, both now and in the future. A new Toyota will cost the most initially, but you will probably get the best fuel economy, which saves you money in the future. You will also save money since you probably won’t need to make any repairs for a while and ToyotaCare covers 2 years or 25,000 miles of scheduled maintenance.

Opting for a used Toyota will save you a great deal initially with its low starting price, but you will have to replace parts and make repairs sooner than you would with a new model. Certified used Toyotas cost more than a non-certified used vehicle but less than a new one, although they are closer in price to the former. Because of extended warranties and the inspection the vehicles go through before becoming certified, you are unlikely to have to pay for repairs in the near future.

Latest Features

Clearly, those who want to have the very latest features on their Toyota will want to opt for a new model as long as they can afford it. That said, you can find used and certified used models that are just a year old, meaning they are likely to have the features you find most important.

Warranty and Other Benefits

Buying a used Toyota doesn’t typically give you any benefits, except whatever is left of the original warranty. With a new Toyota, you get ToyotaCare, the full warranty, and all other ownership benefits, like roadside assistance. While certified used Toyotas don’t have quite the same benefits as a new model, they offer many more than non-certified used ones, which is part of why they cost a bit more. You get extended warranty coverage, roadside assistance, and better financing.


For help choosing among the various new, used, and certified pre-owned Toyota models, talk to the friendly team at Everett Toyota in Mount Pleasant, Texas. We can answer your questions and show you our wide selection of available models.